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Equipment; Progressive Die Presses, Deep Draw Presses and More.

Progressive Die Presses

Large Progressive Strip from toolclick to enlarge

Deep Draw Presses

Deep draw metal stamped cylindersclick to enlarge

Blanking & Secondary Presses

Secondary Operationsclick to enlarge

Straight side & O.B.I. presses from 22 to 150 ton capacity including:

All presses are equipped with OSHA approved operator safety devices,


	1.	Rolling hearth and brazing furnace with deep drawn cansclick to enlarge

Heat Treat & Assembly


Cleaning & Finishing

We maintain a solvent-free cleaning environment. All cleaning is done with environmentally-friendly aqueous solutions.


	1.	Quality Control Process Minatoya Quick Scope Vision Measuring Machineclick to enlarge

Quality Assurance

Full SPC capabilities, monitored in real time using mitutoyo Measurelinke data collection & control equipment, with a calibration program for all inspection equipment per ISO/TS 16949.


CAD Stationclick to enlarge


Five person engineering and design staff working on networked CAD. 80 years collective experience in design of complex progressive, deep draw, and compound tooling. Fully capable in mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic automation, PLC & servo technology, and specialized machine design.



Tool Room

12 person staff with full die making, try-out, and maintenance capabilities. Complete tool making facilities:

	1.	Larson Tool Room with new tool assemblyclick to enlarge